Future Innovations
With Data.

Can data infrastructure be both enduring and built for change?

Join our thought leaders and strategic partners as we dive into:

  • A visionary strategy that impacts the future of data
    Each day the world creates around 328 million terabytes of data. What’s the strategy to easily manage its volume, variety and quality?
  • The roadmap to drive data into enterprise intelligence
    Lost in the maze of data? Here are ways to turn data from clutter to clarity.
  • A blueprint to build your data infrastructure for business growth in hybrid environments
    A closer look at the foundational shifts that are advancing innovation.

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Featured Speakers

Chandana Gopal

Research Director,
Future of Intelligence, IDC

Mauro Guzelotto

Vice President of Cloud Services,
T-Systems North America

Sheila Rohra

President, Consolidated Digital Infrastructure Business Unit,
Hitachi Vantara

Monica Kumar

Chief Marketing Officer,
Hitachi Vantara


“Hitachi Vantara’s Virtual Storage Platform One represents the next evolution of sustainable infrastructure, delivering reliability and simplicity at scale across diverse applications and data types.” (T-Systems)

“Hitachi Vantara has a reputation for quality, performance and resilience in storage technology. Virtual Storage Platform One is poised to take those qualities to a new level with multi-cloud agility.” (ESG)

“Virtual Storage Platform One looks to provide a tremendous amount of flexibility, and make it easy to manage the entire storage infrastructure.“ (CRN)